THC/CBD Concentrated Oil In Cartridge Closeup With Marijuana Herb & Glass Pipe
What are cannabis concentrates? Cannabis Concentrates are highly potent THC and / or CBD extracts packaged in lip balm sized containers, capsules or a vape cartridge. Concentrates can be purchased as ingestible or inhalable products and are available in a huge variety of THC vs CBD potency combinations. As of October 2019, oils and capsules are reclassified as ingestible extracts. Ingestible extracts: Drops, capsules, oil and sprays are taken orally or sprayed under the tongue,
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Logo of Okanagan Valley Cannabis Grower Doja
Back in the early days (pre cannabis legalization), British Columbia, and the Okanagan Valley in particular, became very popular with some folks from the USA who were looking to settle down somewhere after the Vietnam war. Some came to the Okanagan because they did not want to go to war. The conscientious objectors. Well, as the story goes, many of these settlers were world travellers and when they arrived they planted some marijuana seeds they
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