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Predictions for any industry can be foggy at best, but we are expecting some breakthroughs and product trends for 2022. What can we expect for microeconomics? BC is developing a farm-gate initiative and direct deliveries for greater access to local retailers. The goal of these programs is to support and develop a robust, sustainable legal cannabis economy in BC. As local retailers, we hope to see new policy that allows stronger edible products (the current
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Well friends, the holiday season has rolled around once again, and after a busy year here at Kalamalka Cannabis, we wanted to take the time to say thank you, and to wish all the best of the season, to our Kalamalka Cannabis / Vernon cannabis community. We’ve been able to share new cannabis products, cannabis industry knowledge, and meet many new customers over the last year, and we look forward to serving you in 2022.
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If you’re gifting for the twelve daze of Christmas, welcome to Kalamalka Cannabis, where you can shop online for glass and other Cannabis Stocking Stuffers goodies. Let the countdown begin! Glass: We have the ultimate collection of glass by Grav ® including blue and green Gandalf pipes, beakers and pebble spoons. The Grav ® team manufactures some of the most popular glass in the industry, with new colours and styles to keep up with the
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CBD oils and edibles have become very popular since the legalization of Cannabis, and they are produced by a myriad of companies from many provinces throughout Canada. When consuming edible oil, dropping the oil under your tongue (sublingually) allows beneficial properties to bypass the digestive system and become rapidly absorbed. CBD oil is being studied for its potential role in easing anxiety, depression and insomnia. We have several CBD products in-store or online for purchase
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Three years have passed since the sale of cannabis for recreational use was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018. Since that time, many small business owners have struggled to keep control of the high costs and the complex laws, and stipulations, of running a cannabis store. Cannabis Shop Entrepreneurs can be tenacious when they have products they believe in. The cannabis sector in BC has generated jobs and economic growth for both retailers and
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Many are the aches and pains we suffer with after workouts, or long days of repetitious physical work. Topical cannabis creams are now available infused with extracts, and designed for external applications; they come in several options for customized use.  When applied and massaged onto the skin, CBD/THC transdermal creams deliver percutaneous (absorbed through the skin) relief to tissues and joints.  Kalamalka Cannabis offers 1:1 transdermal cream 2by Liv Relief – this Transdermal Topical Cream contains 125 mg of CBD and 125 mg
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Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, effects cell receptors in the body and brain and can change how cells communicate with each other. What makes THC Psychoactive? Well… THC is a cannabinoid. It is a compound found in cannabis and is the primary psychoactive compound among 140 discovered cannabinoids. In other words, it’s a psychoactive chemical that can pass the blood-brain barrier, creating the high experienced with consuming cannabis. When inhaled, THC passes into the lungs and is
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If you’re wondering how to interpret the label of a cannabis product, read on. In this blog we educate you on how to read a Cannabis Product Label. Current Health Canada regulations are the legal guide to what goes on to the label, and may be hard to understand for some consumers. Look for the product category – Sativa, Indica or Hybrid. This will indicate the effects you may experience. The effects of Sativa are
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