Dabbing Tool with Cannabis Butter and Cannabis Flower on table
Dabbing is the process of consuming high THC concentrates, and it’s growing in popularity every day. Dabs are concentrated versions of BHO (butane hash oil) produced by a chemical process using butane oil for extraction. Other cannabis concentrates used with dabbing are shatter, butter, rosin and wax. Dabs can have an 80% concentration of THC compared to flower at about 10 to 15%. This means that dabs can be four times more potent than consuming
Pre-roll cannabis with bud

Shop for Pre-Rolls

Posted by kalcanna on  February 24, 2022
Pre-rolls are convenient and inexpensive, compared to buying accessories, like glass bongs and pens for consumption. They’re commonly known as joints and come with filtered tips, and are a bonus to those of us who roll too tight or loose. These ready-to-go smokeables are a great choice for consumers who don’t want to tackle the art of rolling a perfect joint. If you’re interested in purchasing pre-rolls, check out what is inside the paper before
AhiFlower Oil - oil dropper dripping AhiFlower oil
Q: I bought some CBD oil and noticed “Ahiflower” is an ingredient. What is Ahiflower? That is a great question! Ahiflower is an herbaceous annual plant native to Europe and Asia, and is a relatively new cultivated crop in Canada. Ahiflower Blooms produce up to four seeds that are harvested and pressed to produce a vegan oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This oil is then used as a carrier to deliver THC/CBD as an
What is Kush

What is Kush?

Posted by kalcanna on  January 27, 2022
Kush as a cannabis genotype, originates in the Hindu Kush, an 800-kilometer mountain range just west of the Himalayas that runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush is primarily an Indica strain with many hybrids now available from licensed growers. This is a potent and durable plant considering its original habitat and tough Himalayan genetics. Although it’s probable that the original genetics are lost, Ocean Grown Kush, or OG Kush, is thought to
Cannabis Technician Inspecting Freshly grown cannabis
Predictions for any industry can be foggy at best, but we are expecting some breakthroughs and product trends for 2022. What can we expect for microeconomics? BC is developing a farm-gate initiative and direct deliveries for greater access to local retailers. The goal of these programs is to support and develop a robust, sustainable legal cannabis economy in BC. As local retailers, we hope to see new policy that allows stronger edible products (the current