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Dabbing is the process of consuming high THC concentrates, and it’s growing in popularity every day.

Dabs are concentrated versions of BHO (butane hash oil) produced by a chemical process using butane oil for extraction.

Other cannabis concentrates used with dabbing are shatter, butter, rosin and wax.

Dabs can have an 80% concentration of THC compared to flower at about 10 to 15%. This means that dabs can be four times more potent than consuming traditional cannabis.

They are gummy in quality as a substance, and heated to high temperatures for inhalation, offering a cleaner source because unlike flower, there’s no ash to inhale.

You’ll need a dab rig and a dab tool.

Three Dab Rigs of different colours

Dab tools come in many forms, but they can be hand-blown glass, or metal wands with a carb cap on one side and a blade on the other side.

They are heat resistant, and should be made with inert material that won’t ruin the flavour of the concentrate. Dab tool kits are popular for their versatility, allowing consumers to try different types of concentrate.

Are you interested in dabbing?

Three different Dab Tools

We recommend you consult with one of our budtenders for product information and training before trying dabbing as a method of consumption.

Remember: Start low, go slow.

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