Three years have passed since the sale of cannabis for recreational use was legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018.

Since that time, many small business owners have struggled to keep control of the high costs and the complex laws, and stipulations, of running a cannabis store. Cannabis Shop Entrepreneurs can be tenacious when they have products they believe in.

The cannabis sector in BC has generated jobs and economic growth for both retailers and growers and continues to offer educational support to community members who are new to THC and CBD consumption.

New for 2022 are plans for developing direct delivery and farm-gate sales in BC, and Buy Legal, an ad campaign designed to encourage consumers to buy from legal retail stores offering regulated and tested products, and support local retailers.

Some market analysts predict new trends in the next few years, including older customers, and a general interest in CBD and the results these products can deliver.

It is possible that pre-roll sales will continue to trend, as the pandemic nixed joint sharing.

Trimming a Cannabis Bud with tweezers.

Cannabis education, formatted for online study, as well as e-commerce development for current retailers, is on the rise and may trend upward through 2022.

Our federal government is currently undertaking an 18-month review of cannabis legislation, which we hope will address fees, marketing and packaging requirements, and we are waiting for more information to develop on this point.

Will Italy join the ranks?

Watch for this interesting development on the world scene. Recreational use in small quantities is legal in Italy, but producing and selling cannabis is a criminal offense.

If a nationwide referendum to legalize cannabis (set to take place early next year) passes, the pro-weed movement could be triggered across Europe.

If you have any questions about the cannabis industry in BC, or any of the products we carry, phone one of our experienced budtenders, or come in and visit our Vernon location at 1220 Kalamalka Lake Road. We’d love to meet you!

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