Insomnia and sleep disturbance are becoming more common as BC’ers deal with a “new normal” culture and post-COVID reboots. Even before our current stressors, internal and external environments have proved to be disruptive for sound sleeping, and no one feels good without a good night’s sleep.

Cannabis is a valuable sleep aid for many consumers, slowing racing thoughts, relaxing muscles and blocking pain. Finding the right strain to restore your natural sleep cycle is a personalized endeavour and may require a few small trial and error attempts!

While sativa is known for head highs, alertness and increased energy, indica is the strain of choice for consumers needing relaxation, sedation and sleep. So, the question…will cannabis help me sleep? The answer, Yes, Cannabis will help you sleep but you should focus on the Indica or indica leaning blends.

THC dominant strains to shop for include Granddaddy Purple, and OG Kush with high levels of myrcene. This terpene is believed to promote calming effects and work with the body’s natural physiology as a sedative and muscle relaxant.

If you’re new to cannabis and worried about the psychoactive effects of THC, ask us about Harlequin, a 1:1 strain, meaning it has equal amounts of THC and CBD. CBD is a great choice for insomniacs dealing with pain-related sleep problems.


We know it’s not easy to sleep after a stressful day.

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