Terpenes are natural organic compounds found in a cannabis plant’s essential oils that produce aroma. They are created by plants for protection against harmful insects and herbivores, and responsible for attracting beneficial pollinators for regeneration. Most of us are familiar with the aroma of lavender and pine trees, but with cannabis, shopping via terpenes is a great way to find your fav flower.

Common Terpenes Found in Cannabis Strains

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Citrus aroma, oranges, lemons. Believed to produce mood lift, stress relief and motivation. Aroma is clean and pleasantly sharp. Limonene is not always found in high levels in samples that smell like lemon, so when you’re shopping for limonene, ask for lab tested products. Lab-worthy limonene strains include Wedding Cake, Black Cherry Soda and White Fire OG.
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Also found in bay leaves and wild thyme, myrcene smells earthy, musky and perhaps like cloves, depending on your individual sensory perception. This is the most abundant terpene found in cannabis. Strains that contain at least .5 percent myrcene are usually indicas with sedative effects.
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Think of the tangy scent of pine needles. Herbs that contain pinene include basil, parsley and dill. Pinene is an antioxidant with antibacterial qualities. This classic terpene is known for mental clarity and anti-inflammatory relief. Popular choices for pinene rich aroma include OG Kush, Jack Herer and Blue Dream.


This interesting terpene is in the pinene family and found primarily in trees – apple, fir, lilac and pine, and present in nutmeg. Terpinolene aroma is subjective, but commonly described as smoky or woody. Popular in holistic fields as an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-anxiety sedative and sleep aid. Found in cannabis plants with sativa dominance.


Think of citrus fruits, lavender, mint and wildflowers. Linalool is a popular choice for its spicy, floral scent. Delicious. In cannabis, linalool is well known for its relaxing, mood boosting effects. Aromatherapists promote linalool in alternative medicine to treat anxiety and depression, pain and stress. Popular linalool strains are GDP (Granddaddy Purple), LA Confidential and Lavender Kush.
What do terpenes do?
Terpenes won’t get you high, but they do provide aromatherapeutic benefits such as relaxation by increasing contentment. When pleasant smells reach the olfactory system (within the nasal cavity), they create signals in the brain for emotional response like mood and memory, and play a role in taste. Some terpenes may also act on the endocannabinoid system in the body to affect absorption. In a nutshell, terpenes add to, modify, and accelerate your cannabis experience.

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